5-1/2" x 8-1/2" full-color sheets ----- $0.65/sheet

Each of our sheets of giftwrap has four different full-color designs, includes cutting information and will wrap up to ten 1"

scale gifts. All giftwrap is printed on double-coated 90+ brightness, acid-free, glossy paper for lasting quality and beauty.









Example of one sheet of 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" giftwrap
(Giftwrap CH1066)
Click on this image for closeup view of CH1066.

Other giftwrap: CH1033



















Each Group of (4) four small squares of griftwraps are the 4 designs on (1) one of the sheets numbered below.


#400 Bowmaker and instructions for making mini-puff bows-------- $4.95

Click here for closeup


Our unique bowmaker has been carefully designed and engineered to provide precise alignment of all 10 pins that are inserted simultaneously, thereby ensuring perfectly sized loops for 1" scale mini-puff bows.


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Examples of mini-puff bows made with our bowmaker


#477 Assortment of 10 various size balsa wood "boxes" ------- $1.25
#488 Assortment of 20 various size balsa wood "boxes" ------- $2.35



1" Scale Puff Bows

 Aqua Ecru Lavender (Lt.)  Pink (Baby)
 Black  Gold Lavender (Med)  Pink (Palest)
 Blue (Baby)  Green (Avocado)  Lavender (Dk)  Red
 Blue (Royal)  Green (Forest)  Orange  Silver
 Burgundy  Green (Mint)  Peach  White
 Coral  Green (Xmas)  Pink  Yellow

1/16" wide stickable ribbon available as listed below, 8 yards (1 pack) --- $0.79/pack)

Note: black, burgandy, gold, and forest green have 6 yards (1 pack)

Colors available


1" Scale Two-Tone Puff Bows



Two-tone ribbon is also available

1" Scale 2-Tone
Puff Bows

RED/BLUE/WHITE, 5 yards (1 pack) -- $1.19/pack
2 yds - red/white, 2 yds - blue/white, 1 yds - red/blue

CHRISTMAS colors, 7 yards (1 pack) -- $1.79/pack
2 yds - red/gold, 1 yd - red/silver, 1 yd red/green
2 yds - green/silver, 1 yd gold/silver




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